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Adjustable Model HANS Devices

Drop the protractor! The HANS Adjustable can quickly and easily be changed from 10 degrees to 40 degrees inclination in increments of 5 degrees.

The HANS Adjustable is perfect for drivers who race more than one type of vehicle. The adjustment is so quick and easy, you can do it between sessions. SFI 38.1 and FIA 8858-2010 approved* and approved by all racing organizations (including SCCA, F1*, and NASCAR). Designed and built by the most experienced and trusted name in head and neck restraints.

Suggested angles (remember, your comfort is always the deciding factor):
10 Degrees: For extremely upright seats (sprint cars) or very thin drivers in sedans.
15 Degrees: For larger drivers in upright seats, or thin drivers in sedans.
20 Degrees: For medium-build drivers in sedans.
25 Degrees: For slightly larger drivers in sedans, or very thin drivers in formula cars.
30 Degrees: For medium-build drivers in most formula cars, or larger drivers in sedans.
35 Degrees: For larger drivers in formula cars, or drivers in some vintage formula cars.
40 Degrees: For extreme layback seats (some vintage FV and F1).

* The QC tether version carries only SFI approval. It is legal for SCCA, NHRA, IndyCar, and NASCAR but not FIA-sanctioned events.

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