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GoPro Camera Tether Kit, Set of 5 Tethers and 5 Bases

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Brand: GoPro

Add a layer of security to your GoPro camera in extreme environments! This tether kit will catch your Hero camera in the event a mount breaks or lets go. Protect your camera and your competitors while making the tech inspectors happy.

Each tether assembly consists of a self-adhesive mount base and a nylon loop that attaches to the Hero camera back cover. Loop the tether around the hinge pin on the back of the protective case, loop it through the mounting base, and stick the base (1 7/8" diameter) somewhere near the camera mounting point. Package of five tethers and five mounts.

If you need a longer tether, loop two or more tethers together for extra reach.
For a quick-release tether, add a lanyard clip or an AN416 Retainer Pin (Part No. 3036, sold separately) to attach the tether to the base.
Two tethers and bases can be used together for extra security.

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