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Cartek Digital Gear Indicator with Sequential Shift Light

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Brand: Cartek Automotive Electronics Ltd

This clever unit displays the current gear selected on virtually any vehicle with an RPM signal and a road speed signal. A large backlit LCD window displays the gear number (up to 7), while a row of 7 LEDs above provides a 5-stage sequential shift light. Compact housing measures 50mm tall x 40mm wide x 21mm thick (2" x 1 9/16" x 13/16").

Microprocessor control compares the RPM signal to the speed signal to calculate which gear is engaged. You don't have to do any math, even during setup! Programming the gears is as easy as driving at a constant speed (ANY speed) in each gear for just a few seconds. The RPM and speed are automatically stored in memory, along with the ratio of RPM to speed. Programming the shift lights is just as easy. Simply bring the RPMs to the first alert level, then back off the throttle. Then bring the RPMs to the top alert level and back off. The unit stores those two values and calculates the steps in between.

12-volt, negative ground indicator is compatible with breaker-point ignitions or any ignition system with an RPM signal output. Any type of electronic speed sensor can be used, including OEM or aftermarket. The number of pulses per revolution, wheel diameter, and units of speed (mph/kph) do not matter. Cars with OBD-II compliant ECUs can use the Cartek CAN Bus Signal Converter (Part No. 1068-111, sold separately) to harvest these signals from the ECU. Instructions included. Tip: The signal wire for programming is left bare, to be touched to chassis ground. We suggest adding a pushbutton switch (sold separately) to access the programming routines.

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First of all I'm leaving a review because it was hard to find one to help me decide on my purchase. I bought this gear indicator for my Yamaha R1 04 Track bike. Instructions are ok. I looked online , checked with a local Yamaha dealer and they pointed out the K-line wire as the speed sensor wire (if you cut the wire the speedometer will stop working, therefore you assume the dealer and the drawing were correct). Ended up that the data sent at the cluster by this k-line is in a different format. So avoid my mistake and connect right at the connection of the speed wire sensor (white and yellow IN MY CASE). The rpm, ground and positive get them at the cluster, so you only have to extend one wire (the green one). when connecting the wires correctly it worked perfect the first time setting it up. A piece of advice solder all the wires except the positive, so if you need to re set the unit you won't have to turn off and back on your bike, after you are all set, solder away. I set it up with mi bike on a stand. Pegasus was great about taking back the item (I was going to return it, but I didn't). Neil Armstrong (UK technical service) was AMAZING walking me through every step and helped me to figure out the color of the wire. Very happy with His help and professionalism. There are cheaper units out there, but none as solid as this one and I really like the increasing LED as the rpm goes up. I hope this helps someone. Now go ride that thing!!

Sarmientino Rossi46

San Jose, CA


Cartek Digital Gear Indicator with Sequential Shift Light

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