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AiM G-Dash, Display Only for EVO4 - NO DATA FUNCTIONS

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Brand: AIM Sports

AiM data loggers such as the AiM EVO4 Data Logger require a separate dash to display data. The G-Dash is designed just to be used as an in-car dash display driven by an AiM data logger (sold separately). The G-Dash has no data gathering or logging functions. It can only display what is measured by your AiM EVO4 data logger.

The G-Dash uses CAN connectivity to display information from the data logger. The LCD display window can be programmed with up to 8 different screens, each configurable with up to 4 channels per page. You can scroll through the pages at any time. For example, you can program one page with just RPM and lap time. Temperature and oil pressure can be on a different page to minimize distractions.

Six independently-programmable LED shift lights and four LED alarm lights can each be set up to illuminate in any of seven different colors. You can use red for low oil pressure, blue for high coolant temperature, yellow for high oil temperature, and white for low fuel pressure -- or any other combination that makes alarm identification easy for you.

The waterproof aluminum housing measures just 4.7" x 3.2" (small enough to fit on any steering wheel).

Note 1: The G-Dash is a display only. It has no functions or memory of its own and no provision for connecting any sensors. It will not function unless it is connected to an AiM EVO4 data logger.
Note 2: The G-Dash is only compatible with the AiM EVO4 data logger. It will not work with the EVO3, EVO4S, or EVO5.

Most installations will also require the addition of the AiM 4-Port CAN Data Hub (Part No. MC-329, sold separately) to allow the connection of any other CAN peripheral (GPS, SmartyCam, Lambda, etc).

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Best dash on the market


This is the 3rd G-Dash I've purchased & used. I've been using AIM products for a decade, starting with the old Pista systems, then an Evo 4 with a MyChron dash. Most recently I've run the G-Dash on the pair of Spectrum / Honda FF cars I own. The dash I purchased on this order was for a Van Diemen RF-01 FC car I prep for a customer. We bought it to replace the AIM steering wheel display that was already in there. Mainly we needed a smaller wheel. The basics on the dash: Size: Very compact dash. On all three installations we mount them on the steering wheel and even with the small Momo wheels the fit is very good. Customization With mutli-color LED's and AIM's excellent software package you can set up any sort of alarm or indicator you want. Color, steady, slow flashing, or fast flashing, and an extra "pop up window" message can all be set in software. Buttons One of the things I hated on the MyChron & Pista dashes was that when you're wearing gloves the buttons are bit tricky to find & actuate. Not so with the G-Dash! Switching pages is very easy to do while driving. The AIM Steering Wheel has better buttons (and an integrated PTT switch), but the whole package is pretty bulky in a modern formula car. Display AIM went with VERY LARGE characters for the display. In spite of the small screen size reading things is very easy. If you opt for a lap time display the lap time will take up the bottom half of the screen. Again, it's a godsend when you're on the track & you need information quickly. Compatibility May favorite thing about AIM is the fact they already have presets in their software for a variety of popular fuel injection ECU's. This means with, say the Evo 4 and either a Zetec or a Honda ECU getting full engine data is a matter of hooking 2 wires up to the AIM system & selecting the ECU preset from the menu. Then make up your mind which page you want a given data readout on & set your alarms & shift lights as desired. Durability So far I haven't had many durability related issues. AIM's products seem to hold up very well to the routine abuse of being in a race car. Even in open-cockpit cars the G-dash holds up to the weather. I haven't tried immersing them in water, but if that happens with the car it's likely the dash working is the least of my worries. Known Issues The biggest things to watch out for on the G-dash are properly routing the interface cable and making sure it's tight. I've had the cable come loose a couple of times. The Evo 4 will still log data, but you have no gauges. Loctite is not a bad idea. Make sure you use the rubber vibration dampers when you mount the dash. Otherwise the vibrations are likely to cause damage.


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AiM G-Dash, Display Only for EVO4 - NO DATA FUNCTIONS

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