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2-Part Foam for Seat Fitting, Two Quart Kit

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This polyurethane foam kit produces a rigid foam with a density of about two pounds per cubic foot. It is ideal for making custom fitted seats or for strengthening composite bodywork parts.

When the two parts are mixed, they begin to react within about one minute. Most of the foaming occurs within the next several minutes. About 15 minutes is required for the foam to set. Allow several hours before any secondary operations are attempted such as sanding or carving (if required). The resulting foam will not absorb water and is not affected by polyester resin, epoxy resin, gasoline or oil. The compressive strength of the foam is 36 psi. It can withstand operating temperatures of up to 200°F. One kit is enough for about 3 typical formula car seat inserts.

Click here for an instructional article about Custom Fit Seat Inserts, including full instructions for this kit.

Note: Due to import restrictions, we are not able to ship this product to Mexico.

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Hve tried this product 4-5 times


Used to make seat in sports racer. A little tricky to duplicate results, "kick-off" seems to be difficult to estimate. Stir time and stir speed effect expansion speed. Controlling expansion is key w plastic bag taping in place. Plastic bags that are straight across the bottom seam work betere vs. "gathered" bottom seam. Less expensive than other options and doesn't require vacuum.


Cincinnati, OH

Great product


Used this to make a seat for our formula ford. It worked great.

F2F racer

Elkhorn, wi


Flammable not recommend this for a race car seat it is


I would not recommend for race car seats it is very flammable, not easy to shave to form ,it reminds me of great stuff in a two part mix


Duncansville pa


Cheapest way to make a seat insert


Definitely a 2 person job but we made a pretty decent insert in about an hour and a half with a large garbage bag.




Not for the faint of heart...


For a frame of reference, I have a formula car and, of course, needed a seat. The plan was to make the seat in two pieces, the bottom and the back.... Three of us undertook this mission, with none of us having used this foam before. As you might imagine, we learned a lot and could have easily done things both differently and better. I purchased two kits to cover experimentation, waste, and for, hopefully, the seat I needed. Since this isn't a tutorial, there's no need to expound on our technique. Suffice it to say that... yes, the stuff sticks to just about everything, so be careful and extravagant with your preparation/masking! It is supposed to expand about 25x, however, that's tough to quantify. We mixed 1/4 fl oz to see and it overfilled a 1 oz container easily. It wouldn't surprise me to find that's fairly accurate. The worst characteristic is that there's zero pot time. When they say mix it for 10 seconds, take that as gospel. This is problematic if you expect to mix very much, where incomplete mixing could/will cause curing issues and thorough mixing will cause you to have a mixing bowl full of expanding, hardening foam... and THAT doesn't pour. Period. The second worse characteristic is the smell. As with all polyurethanes, during its cure time, the emissions are somewhere between caustic and terrible. We put a fan immediately in front of the cockpit and that cured that issue. Judging when it's safe to support one's weight, as in the case of the seat bottom, is a bit dodgy. Due to its short working time, there's a very narrow window between when it can support your weight and when it's too late to leave a "sitzmark". If you're a virgin user, it might be a good idea to plan another, small quantity test, in an extravehicular bag, to get a feel for it. (A word of caution: don't try to compress the bag after it's filled. Heartbreak and woe are at the end of that path. DO NOT WEAR SOMETHING YOU HOPE TO USE AGAIN (read: Don't wear your driver's suit!!)... if it's your bottom you hope to mold) Given 5-10 minutes to cure, the bag/s can be removed. Waiting until it's cured over night would make getting the places where the bag has been encapsulated by the foam a huge PITA... er, nuisance. It would also increase the chance of cracking the foam in small places where its expanding has folded around the bag. Once cured, the foam does "machine" well. And, frankly, unless your first attempt is more successful than mine, it'll need some. The "Pro One Foam Carving Hot Knife" (see separate review) works, but isn't designed for general shaping. Hand sanding would be fine for small corrections, but the judicious use of a belt sander, with varying grades of abrasive belts worked best overall. Oh yeah, if we hadn't made a couple of very wasteful errors, a single kit would have sufficed for the experimentation and the two seat parts. We had to open the second kit for one 6 oz pour. If there was a two chamber, refillable applicator with replaceable,mixing nozzles (like one finds with some two-part epoxies), some many of the issues with getting it where it's wanted would be solved. Such an item probably exists somewhere, but the cost would be a major consideration for a one-off project. How does one score the stuff? Because of the nonexistent working life, that might rate a 1. Ease of shaping could earn a 3. It's been through one on-track trial and it's proven to be durable so far (I painted it with 2000°F exhaust paint). That could earn it a 5.


Sugar Hill, GA


Easy to use


Very easy to use, great product !

Racer x



2 Part Foam for seats


I used this product to make custom seat inserts for my track car. Works exactly as described. Pegasus ordering was easy and the product shipped immediately. Good product, good company to deal with.


Dallas, TX


Easy to use!!


I got this product to make a custom insert for my sons Kart seat. All I can say is it is very easy to use. I think I can make 4 or 5 inserts for him with this one order. Much cheaper than buying a new seat as he grows and it fits him like a glove. I would suggest reading the directions on the web site and watching a youtube video or two. For the most part it is straight forward!


San Antonio, TX


Great product, simple to use.


I used the two part foam to re-bed a bead seat in the cockpit of a WSR sports racer. One to one ratio mix made proportioning very simple and the reaction time was very workable. Works with most mold release products for forming parts. Adhesion to existing bead seat was excellent. Capable of multiple overlapping pours without any bonding issues. Make sure to wear nitrile gloves when using this product or you will be picking pour-foam off your skins for weeks. I have used pour-in-place foam prior to this experience and the results of this product did not disappoint. I would recommend this product for any structural reinforcement or custom molding procedures.


Bakersfield, CA.


Really works well!


I just made my first seat insert last night and it worked perfectly. For my insert, I planned for it to be in the range of 22x14x3 (924 cubic inches). To achieve this basic size, you will need 7-8 oz of both part A and part B (14-16 ounces total). I taped off the car with trash bags anywhere the foam could get to. I used a tall kitchen trash bag between me and the seat. I had a friend mix and pour the foam in the bag. It was very simple and worked great (no spills, no mess). There is enough liquid to create 3 inserts (maybe 4 if they are small). If you go beyond 8 oz each of part A and part B, you will likely have a mess to clean up. The liquid expands approximately 25x. You can always add more if needed. I started with 7 oz of each and we added another oz of each part once we could tell the insert was about 3 inches shorter than it needed to be. Hope this helps!


Wake Forest, NC, United States


2-Part Foam for Seat Fitting, Two Quart Kit

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