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(LI) Ballistic 12v LiFePO4 AutoRace Battery w/ Internal BMS

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Brand: Ballistic Performance Components

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The AutoRace line of 12-volt batteries has been developed by Ballistic Performance specifically for auto racing. They have a capacity of 20 amp-hours and are capable of putting out a burst of 1000 cranking amps.*

These lithium-ferrous-phosphorous batteries have many advantages over conventional lead-acid batteries in racing applications. They are much lighter than lead-acid batteries (about 30 to 40 pounds lighter than an equivalent size lead battery). They can deliver a huge burst of energy and recover quickly, making them ideal for starting. They are totally dry, so they cannot leak in any position. They don't self-discharge as quickly as lead-acid batteries (only 10% per year, compared to about 4% per week), so they stay charged much longer when not in use. Ballistic Batteries are made in the USA.

The internal 1000 amp BMS (Battery Management System) circuitry in this battery works automatically to protect the battery from damage due to under-voltage (discharging below 8v), over-voltage (charging above 15.75v), or short circuits. It also balances the charge in each individual cell for optimum power and longest service life. No special charger is needed. It even works while your alternator charges the battery!

Measures 9.25" L x 6.9" W x 5.25" H (235mm x 175mm x 133mm H). This size is close to the dimensions of a standard Group 35 size automotive battery, but it weighs just 8.4 pounds (3.9 kg)! 3/8-16 UNC female terminals (positive on right side).

* At 70° F. This is not the same as "Cranking Amps" (CA) or "Cold Cranking Amps" (CCA). CA is measured at 32° F, and CCA is measured at 0° F. Ballistic batteries generate heat as they recover from a cranking effort. Regardless of the temperature outside, a Ballistic battery can be brought to 70° F internal temperature simply by cranking your engine!

Note: International shipping regulations prohibit us from shipping these batteries via air. They can only be shipped via UPS Ground service within the continental USA. We cannot ship this battery outside of the 48 contiguous states. They cannot be shipped via USPS.

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