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Facet Cube Style 12 volt Fuel Pump, 2 to 3.5 max psi

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Brand: Facet Electric Fuel Pumps

Maximum fuel delivery 15 gallons per hour at free-flow. Maximum pressure 2 to 3.5 psi. Typical flow 7 gph at 1 psi. Female 7/16-20 inverted flare ports (typically used with 1/4" OD metal tubing). This pump is also sold by Generac under part number 0D7513A.

Facet fuel pumps have low power requirements (about 1 amp at 12 volts) and operate without troublesome seals or diaphragms. For low fuel requirements on engines up to about 80 horsepower, a single Cube-Style pump such as this one is usually sufficient. Pumps can be combined in series or parallel to achieve higher pressures or flows. We also offer several other models with different flow rates and pressures for engines up to about 150 horsepower. This model also features an anti-drainback check valve and an anti-siphon valve. The positive lead has a bullet connector, and the negative lead has a ring connector.

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