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Cartek FIA Rain Light (Vertical Orientation)

Price Reduced!
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Brand: Cartek Automotive Electronics Ltd

Was $159.99 - Now only $120.99 - a 24% reduction!

This FIA-approved rain light features 15 high-intensity red LEDs in a tough but lightweight plastic housing. The compact size (3 9/16" tall x 2 1/4" wide) makes it easy to mount anywhere.

The red LEDs are not hidden behind a lens or shrouded by the plastic housing, so the wide viewing angle (190 candlepower at 10° in any direction) exceeds the FIA minimum standards (150 cd at 10° left and right or 5° up and down). Each LED measures 10mm (3/8") diameter for an FIA-specified 40 square centimeter lighting surface. Multiple circuits ensure that even if any one LED is lost, the light will still meet FIA standards.

The red LEDs are arranged in three colums of 5 (vertical mounting), with the 2-conductor cable coming out the back of the unit at the bottom. Two stainless steel studs (M6 threads) on the back of the unit make mounting easy. The back of the housing is covered with a 3mm thick foam pad to absorb vibration.

Runs on 9 to 16 volts DC power and draws just 250mA at 13.5 volts. Made in the UK. Not DOT approved for street use.

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