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Ford 1.6L Water Pump Pulley, 44 Tooth, 16mm Bore

Click for a larger picture of Ford 1.6L Water Pump Pulley, 44 Tooth, 16mm Bore

Some newer aftermarket water pumps for the Ford 1600 "Kent" engine are being supplied with 16mm diameter shafts. The pumps we currently carry have 5/8 inch diameter shafts and require the .62 Bore Water Pump Pulley (Part No. 166-02-.62). The two sizes are very close (5/8" = 0.625" = 15.875mm; 16mm = 0.6299"), but trying to install a 5/8" bore pulley on a 16mm pump could ruin the pulley.

The 44 tooth size is normally mated with our 30 Tooth 1.6L Crankshaft Pulley (Part No. 166-30) and the 180XL050 Water Pump Drive Belt (Part No. 166-01-180). This results in a 1.47:1 underdrive ratio on the FF1600 engine to reduce cavitation at high RPM.

This cast aluminum pulley measures approximately 2 3/4" diameter, with a deep setback to minimize the cantilevered load on the water pump bearings.

Crankshaft pulley and XL drive belt are sold separately.

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