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Clearance SuperTrapp 4A Short Glasspack w/ Diffuser - 2.50"

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Was $209.99 - Take this one for only $169.99 - You save $40.00!

This SuperTrapp 4A Short Glasspack muffler was used once and does not come with the mounting clamps. If you just need a replacement or a "quick fix," then you can take advantage of this deal.
The patented radial diffuser design of SuperTrapp mufflers allow you to tune your muffler by adding or removing diffuser discs. Fewer discs result in a quieter system with more backpressure, while more disks increases noise and lowers back pressure. You can gain a measureable performance advantage by wave tuning your engine and carburetion to produce the best power band for any track. In certain racing classes where carb tuning is restricted, the SuperTrapp has become standard equipment. Many race teams have also equipped their tow vehicles with SuperTrapps and in almost every case this has improved gas mileage and performance while helping to reduce detonation.

This stainless steel muffler combines the tuneable 4" diameter diffuser disc section with a fully-rebuildable 17" glass pack section to further reduce high frequency sounds. Even the glass pack versions are straight-through designs with no louvers to restrict exhaust flow. With the combined good looks and added durability of a brushed stainless steel body, a SuperTrapp muffler could be the last muffler you ever buy.

Fits 2.5" OD exhaust pipes. Weighs 4 pounds.

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