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Surge Tank, 3 Billet Alum Doors, High Press Pump, Harness

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Brand: Fuel Safe Fuel Cells

For the ultimate in fuel scavenging, install a surge tank inside your fuel cell. A surge tank is the best way to prevent fuel starvation without overfilling your fuel cell.

This rigid plastic tank includes three billet aluminum one-way doors to trap up to a liter fuel inside to keep it near the pickup. A high pressure pump (12 volt, 75 GPH, 95 psi) is already installed in the 6" x 6" x 4" surge tank. Includes sock filter, wiring harness, and pickup tube. Simply cut out a section from your fuel cell foam and drop the tank in. Connect the pump to your pickup and install the wiring harness in your fill plate.

For best results, we recommend placing the surge tank in the middle of the front edge of the cell. Fuel will slosh into the tank under braking as well as under cornering, ready for acceleration down the next straight.

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