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Greaves 3D Professional Tire Scraper, 110 Volt

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Picking up loose rubber from the track destroys traction, and the weight of all that excess rubber harms acceleration. But using makeshift methods to remove the buildup is tiring and ruins your expensive tires. This professional-grade tool helps you clean the loose rubber from your race tires without affecting the tread.

Designed and used by a Le Mans-winning P2 team, this all-in-one tool softens the loose rubber and scrapes it off in one smooth motion. The heart of the unit is a heavy-duty heat gun with adjustable temperature and fan output. Simply dial down the heat to prevent burning up the rubber you want to keep.

The scraping blade can be adjusted to 2 different angles depending on the thickness of the buildup and the stickiness of the tire. The twin handles are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue while making the job faster and more predictable. Operates on 110VAC (North American) current.

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