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KoolerGel Reusable Ice Extender

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Make your own reusable high-performance ice packs with KoolerGel! This environmentally-safe material freezes colder than ice and stays cold longer.

KoolerGel is shipped as a powder additive, so you're not paying for the water (or the cost to ship the extra weight). Simply mix the powder with water in the plastic container of your choice. Used water and soda bottles are perfect -- they're free, and reusing them keeps them out of landfills.* Once the water is completely absorbed, place the bottle in your freezer for 48 hours.

Use the frozen containers in your cooler with or without ice to keep food and beverages cold. You can even use them in your Cool Shirt cooler! KoolerGel can be re-frozen and reused indefinitely. If the bottle ever begins to wear out, transfer the KoolerGel mixture to a new one and keep using it. Each 3-ounce package is enough for six 2-liter bottles.

* Note: Although the ingredients are non-toxic, they are not intended for ingestion. Please take precautions to minimize the risk of accidentally swallowing KoolerGel. Secure the cap to the bottle with glue or waterproof tape, and label the bottle clearly so it cannot be mistaken for a beverage.

Instead of plastic bottles, try zip-top sandwich or quart size plastic bags. You can mold them in the freezer into different shapes to fit your cooler!

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