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Aluminum Mini Catch Tank or Fluid Reservoir, Short

Click for a larger picture of Aluminum Mini Catch Tank or Fluid Reservoir, Short

This little aluminum catch tank is perfect for karts and motorcycles. It is compact and light (weighs less than 1/2 pound) and comes complete with fittings for 1/4" - 5/16" hose and a drain petcock. Includes two nylon zip-tie straps to attach to a frame rail, seat strut, etc.

The straight top fitting and the bottom petcock both have 1/8 NPT male threads. The angled side fitting presses into a rubber grommet (included) in the non-threaded side port. Measures 2.2" diameter by 3 3/16" long (4 1/4" including top and bottom fittings). The supplied straps are long enough to mount the can to a tube up to 2" diameter. This tank is not designed to be disassembled for draining or cleaning. Capacity approximately 3 ounces. Does not meet SCCA catch tank requirements for auto racing.

Note: The very fast automated machines that manufacture this tank at such a great price also cause some minor nicks and scratches during handling. There is no finish guarantee. If you want to use this tank on a show vehicle, expect to do some sanding and polishing!

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