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12 volt Battery Tender Plus with 10 Year Warranty!

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The Battery Tender Plus is the ideal way to maintain any of our racing batteries or your tow vehicle battery in peak condition! The 1.25 amp charger is designed to fully charge a 12 volt lead-acid battery and maintain it at a proper storage voltage without the damaging sulfating effects caused by trickle charges. Use it between races and during the off-season. Just hook it up and forget it -- the battery will be ready when you are!

The computer-controlled charger uses a four-step charging program:

  1. Qualification verifies the battery status and proper hook-up for safety.
  2. Bulk Charge raises the battery voltage to 14.4 volts.
  3. Absorption Charge holds the voltage at 14.4 volts and forces current to ensure a complete charge.
  4. Float Charge maintains the battery at a full charge of 13.2 volts.

Temperature compensation circuitry optimizes the charging voltage on vehicles stored in unheated garages during the winter months. Seventy-two hour timer protects marginal batteries from overcharging. Red and green LEDs indicate charging status and reverse polarity hookup. Includes alligator clamps and ring terminals with a quick disconnect harness. Operates on 115VAC. Covered by a 10 year warranty.

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