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Cartek XS Battery Isolator Kit with Blue External Button

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Brand: Cartek Automotive Electronics Ltd

Why run heavy battery cables all the way from your battery to your kill switch and back? The Cartek XS Battery Isolator is a compact, solid-state electrical master switch that can be mounted close to the battery. It is triggered by a push button switch which can be remote-mounted in the location specified by the rules.

Cartek isolators are designed to meet FIA and MSA requirements for electrical master kill switches. When a push button switch is pressed, the XS Isolator cuts off the ground connection to the battery and sends a shut-down signal to your ECU to positively turn the engine off.* Solid state construction means no moving parts and no potential for sparks when the switch is operated.

The isolator can be triggered by any number of normally closed, momentary-break switches (push button or toggle), connected in series using standard hookup wire (as small as 18 gauge). Just push the button to kill the system. A latching (on-off) switch located near the driver will reset the system. One blue external kill switch and one internal on-off switch are included with the isolator. (Your car's ignition switch can also be used as the on-off reset switch.) We also offer additional External Pushbutton Battery Isolator Switches separately (Part No. 1068-110-Color).

The XS Isolator can be used with 7 to 18 volt electrical systems (negative ground only). The battery switching circuit can handle a constant 450 amp battery load (2000A surge capacity). Draws just 25 mA when on and 0.1 mA when off. Maximum operating temperature 185° F. Measures 2 3/8" x 1 3/4" x 1 1/2" tall and weighs just 2 1/2 ounces. Perfect for formula cars! Designed and manufactured in the UK for professional racing.

pdf icon Cartek Battery Isolator XS Instructions

*Note: Because the XS model does not have a separate ignition cut-off circuit, we do not recommend it for use on cars with alternators and conventional (non-computerized) ignition systems.

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