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Davies Craig 12v EBP15 Electric Booster Pump Kit

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Brand: Davies Craig

Davies Craig Electric Booster Pumps offer high flow rates in a compact, lightweight package. They are an excellent choice for a wide range of water-circulating applications.

The 15 liter per minute EBP15 makes an ideal booster pump for the heater in your tow vehicle, or to cool off hot spots in the engine. It can replace the power-robbing mechanical water pump on shifter karts or motorcycles up to 250cc. It can even be used to pump water in RVs or a backyard fountain!

Compact (4" long x 2 3/4" diameter), lightweight (under 1 pound) pump features a brushless motor design tested to 15,000 hours of operation at 175° F (80° C). Reinforced nylon pump body features 3/4" (19mm) inlet and outlet. Operates on 9 to 15 volts DC. Maximum current draw 1.3 amps at 12 volts. Maximum flow 15 liters per minute at 0 psi; maximum pressure 3 psi at 0 LPM flow. Typical flow rates: 10 liters per minute at 2 psi, 5 liters per minute at 2.5 psi. Includes wiring harness, hose clamps, two 5" sections of 3/4" ID hose, and two 3/4" to 5/8" to 1/2" adapters.

Note: Davies Craig EBPs are designed for recirculating systems. They are not self-priming and will not draw water up from a tank. They should never be submerged.

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Davies Craig fluid pumps


Due to space constraints from placing a Cup motor into a Steven's-body Lotus Esprit, we had to find another way to pump the water/glycol through the system. I landed on Davies Craig due to their technology and great customer service (Australian company). It made perfect sense that Pegasus Auto Racing distributes their products. This product is a booster pump for the heater circuit and is simple to plumb and quiet but efficient.


Danbury, CT.


Davies Craig 12v EBP15 Electric Booster Pump Kit

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