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Loctite 401 Prism Instant Adhesive, 20g Bottle

Brand: Loctite Products

Loctite® Prism® 401&tm; is a general-purpose fast-setting cyanoacrylate ("super glue") adhesive. It is surface-insensitive, meaning that it bonds well to porous and nonporous surfaces. Use it to bond rubber, plastics, leather, wood, or metal.

The clear, medium-viscosity liquid flows easily but requires close-fitting parts (maximum 0.005" gap). The short fixture time of just 15 seconds* lets you get on with other tasks quickly. Full shear strength of 2900 psi** is reached after full 24 hour cure time. Prism 401 is the recommended replacement for Prism 404. 20 gram bottle.

* Average fixture time. Non-porous materials like metal, rubber, and most plastics cure in 5 seconds or less. Porous materials like fabric, leather, and some hardwoods can take up to 30 seconds.
** Grit-blasted steel, ISO 4587 Lap Shear Test. On most non-metallic materials tested to ISO 4587, the bond strength exceeded the material strength.

Not recommended for use with polyolefin-based plastics (PP, PE, Acetal, PTFE) without a special primer.

Note: Due to import restrictions, we are not able to ship this product to Mexico.

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