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Flow Ezy 25 Micron Fuel Filter with Female 3/8 NPT Ports

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The Flow Ezy racing fuel filter is an excellent choice for any fuel system, even fuel injection. The compact anodized aluminum housing can handle very high pressure, and the pleated screen element causes minimal pressure drop. 3/8 NPT female ports at each end allow great plumbing flexibility.

Pressure Rating: 250 psi
Filter Element: 25 micron cleanable, replaceable stainless steel screen
Filter Surface Area: 20 sq. in.
Flow Rating: 4 GPM
Pressure Drop at 4 GPM: < 2 psi
Seal Material: Viton (compatible with petroleum fuels)
Housing Size: 4.66" L x 1.5" OD

Includes one filter element. The Replacement Flow Ezy 25 Micron Screen Filter Element (Part No. 3206) is also available separately.

Anodizing color may vary from photo.

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