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Intercomp Hub Mounted Corner Weight Scale, Single

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Brand: Intercomp

Leave your full scale set at home! This compact, economical digital scale is perfect for checking just one corner weight at the track. This is especially handy after a spring change or adjustment, or when you need to replace one suspension corner after an incident (or check if the corner even needs replacement).

Simply raise the corner in question, remove the wheel, bolt the scale to the hub, and lower the vehicle. The digital readout displays up to 1500 pounds in 1 pound increments. The mounting plate is blank so you can drill it to match your bolt circle, and the height is adjustable from 8 1/2 to 12 1/2 inches to match your tire radius. Accurate to 0.25% of applied load. Sold individually.

Note: This scale weighs just one corner of the car. You must keep a record of the baseline corner weights from your initial setup to dial in the weight on that corner.

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