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SuperTrapp Replacement Core for 543-2519, 549-2519

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Brand: SuperTrapp Industries

This steel replacement core fits SuperTrapp 19" long 5" disc mufflers with 2.5" inlets (model numbers 543-2519 and 549-2519).

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SuperTrapp Replacement Cores

Support staff worth even more than the products


I have a 1985 Fiero restomod with a Cadillac Northstar V8 drive train and a supertrapp exhaust system. The exhaust system was about 14 or 15 years old when I bought the car; the cores were rusted out and the diffuser bolts frozen. I bought a series of replacement parts including two replacement cores, diffuser shields, and some other parts ... all the parts were well made. The best part of the experience was John and Bob. These two guys talked me through the disassembly, appropriate replacement parts, modifying the cores (my super trapp system was modified by the original mod builder Design One Systems), and the rebuilding of the entire exhaust system. Their input was invaluable and made a major job much easier. These two guys were as knowledgeable and helpful as anyone could ask ... again thanks John and Bob and you Pegasus for both your staff and your products!!!!

Roger F

Northville, Michigan


SuperTrapp Replacement Core for 543-2519, 549-2519

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