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SuperTrapp 5" Diffuser Disc Only for 3.0" Pipe

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Brand: SuperTrapp Industries

The patented radial diffuser design of SuperTrapp mufflers allow you to tune your exhaust by adding or removing diffuser discs. Each disc provides a new escape route for exhaust gas (and noise). Adding more discs lowers back pressure while increasing noise. Fewer discs decreases noise while increasing back pressure. You can gain a measureable performance advantage by wave tuning your engine and carburetion to produce the best power band for any track. In certain racing classes where carb tuning is restricted, SuperTrapp diffusers have become standard equipment.

The Diffuser Disc Only series gives you the tunability of the diffuser discs without the weight and bulk of a glasspack muffler. They are ideal for use after an inline muffler, but they can also be used on a straight-through system. The 5" diffuser is recommended for engines up to 400 HP or a 5.7L engine. Use a diffuser on each pipe of a dual-exit exhaust for engines up to 800 HP.

This kit includes a steel weld-on flange, 12 diffuser discs, a polished end cap, steel 360 degree shield, and 6 disc bolts and nuts. Simply weld the flange onto your 3" OD exhaust pipe and then bolt the shield, discs, and end cap to the flange. Experiment with different numbers of diffuser discs until you find the right balance of power, torque, and sound levels.

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