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SCAT Crankshaft for Formula Ford 1600, Block Mod Version

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This SCAT crankshaft is designed specifically for SCCA Formula Ford (legal per FCS 9.1.1.B.12.k). It is as close to SCCA minimum weight (24 pounds 8 ounces) as possible while still allowing grinding of journals without going underweight.

This crankshaft is built specifically for SCCA-legal Formula Ford 1600 engines. A properly built, lightened, and balanced FF1600 engine should observe a redline of 6800-7000 RPM. We do not recommened exceeding this RPM limit. This crankshaft has not been designed, tested, or approved for use in GT-spec engines.

Note: This version requires some modification to the engine block. For optimum balance, the counterweights are a slightly different shape than on the original. This usually causes interference between the crankshaft and the main bearing webs. Minor grinding and clearancing of the block will be necessary.

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