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Flo Fast 5 Gallon Fluid Extraction Pump

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Brand: Flo Fast Fluid Transfer Pumps

Save your back! Flo Fast Fluid Pumps allow you to quickly and easily fuel your racecar without spilling. Simply screw the cap onto your 5-gallon jug and turn the crank. The clear 7 foot long filler hose reaches most fuel fillers without lifting the jug. A clamp-on tether is included to help to keep the hose in the tank while pumping. Pumps 5 gallons of fuel in 1 minute without spilling or straining -- you can't pour that fast through a funnel!

Turn the crank backwards to draw fuel out of the cell back into the jug after the race. Your fuel cell bladder and fire suppression foam will last much longer if they are not continuously exposed to fuel. The potential savings in fuel cell replacement costs can pay for your Flo Fast pump many times over!

Compatible with petroleum and alcohol fuels, lubricants*, water, coolant, and most commercial cleaning fluids. The pump assembly fits our Scribner 5-Gallon Utility Jug (Part No. 2558, sold separately). Simply unscrew the cap from your jug and screw the pump assembly on in its place.

* Note that viscous lubricants and fluids will pump more slowly than 5 gallons per minute.

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Flo Fast Fluid Transfer Pumps

This thing is awesome.


Great for filling up the boat at the dock.


Pleasant Prairie WI


Well worth the money !


I use it at the races and around the house. It's much safer than pouring .




Great for Fuel Cells


I have a dual fuel pods with a cross-over tube. The fill rate needs to be slow and holding a heavy jug was not getting it done. Now I can fill as slowly as a I want and have total control. The jug now can sit on the ground and I don't have to struggle with it. Well worth the price.




Spill saver


The Flo Fast works great and has saved me from many spills. I wish it was not quite so pricy, but the build quality is excellent. You get what you pay for in this case.


Albuquerque, NM


Always wanted one!


This is well built and will ease my fueling chores.


Fredericksburg VA


These are great even beyond your racecar


We used to use these with a DSR Stohr because the fuel cell was behind the driver and only accessible between the struts of the roll bar. It only takes about 10 turns for one gallon and they create as much back-suction as forward suction so can be used to drain a fuel tank as quickly as to fill one. I no longer race, but have a trailer with a large generator that has poor clearance above the fuel filler. This fills it safely and quickly. It's an excellent add to any garage that has gas-powered machines.

Allegro Racing

Prescott, AZ


Excelent equipment


Con more spilled gas Fast fill


Atl ga


No more messes!


Used one while crewing for a friend in an F5, knew I had to have it. No more fuel dripped around, no more overfill and fuel draining out the floor of my car, just everything about handling fuel is trivial now.


Royal Oak, MI


How many people does it take to pump gas?


Three 5* recommendations from FF buddies persuaded me to buy the pump as I race without a pit crew. I pour fuel into a funnel from a five gallon jug. I rarely spill any fuel but when the jug is full it is hard to hold the jug, balance the funnel, and pour. So the pump looked like it would solve many inconveniences. It does. the pump works great and makes filling the fuel cell easier. I still have to pay attention to the cell level or spillage will happen. I would recommend it to racers without crew. It is easier.


Atlanta, GA


fuel pump save me my last few hairs


have a sports racer that is difficult to fuel, due to location of filler cap. this pump has saved my sanity and more than a few dollars in my daughters swear jar.


Miami, Florida, United States


Flo Fast 5 Gallon Fluid Extraction Pump

4.6 10