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Flo Fast 15 Gallon Fluid Extraction Pump

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Brand: Flo Fast Fluid Transfer Pumps

Save your back! Flo Fast Fluid Pumps allow you to quickly and easily fuel your racecar without spilling. Simply screw the cap onto your 15 gallon fuel jug and turn the crank. The clear 7 foot long filler hose reaches most fuel fillers without lifting the jug. A clamp-on tether is included to help to keep the hose in the tank while pumping. Pumps 15 gallons fuel in 3 minutes without spilling or straining -- you can't pour that fast through a funnel!  Turn the crank backwards to draw fuel out of the cell back into the jug after the race. Your fuel cell bladder and fire suppression foam will last much longer if they are not continuously exposed to fuel. The potential savings in fuel cell replacement costs can pay for your Flo Fast pump many times over! Compatible with petroleum and alcohol fuels, lubricants*, water, coolant, and most commercial cleaning fluids. Note: 15 gallon jug is not included.

* Note that viscous lubricants and fluids will pump more slowly than 5 gallons per minute.

We offer Red 15 Gallon Utility Jugs and White 15 Gallon Utility Jugs separately for use with these pumps. We also offer a Flo Fast 5 Gallon Pump for use with 5 gallon utility jugs.

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Flo Fast Fluid Transfer Pumps

You won't find a better portable fuel tank system anywhere!


We use this product to transport fuel to our boat. The tanks have extra large filler caps and are very heavy duty. The pump is awsome, makes transfer easy and fast. Other systems don't compare, the others are gravety fed and nowhere near as fast for transfering fuel. Pegasus was great to order from, I ordered this product on a Saturday and had it in my hands the following Tuesday!

Captain Dave

Eagle River, Wi


Did not work right out of the box


I use this pump to fuel my F2000 car at track. The pump is the second one I have owned. The old one the pump handle broke and it just wasn't pumping well anymore. I bought a new one , had to cut the spout off that fits in the jug, The cap was so loose you couldn't pump fuel. It would wobble back and forth and you could not pump fuel. I tried putting more spring pressure on the cap but still wobbled very badly. I finally removed the O ring from the top of the cap and finally you could turn the pump handle without it wobbling all over. Then as I pumped fuel it started leaking out of the housing through the bolt holes. I took it apart, put gasket maker on the surface and put it back together. Then the other side started leaking. I did the same to that side and finally it would pump fuel without no problem. Now lets see how long that lasts.


Saratoga Springs, NY


As advertised! FAST and Easy..


High quality hand crank pump for the 15 gallon fuel canister. I use this on my boat to transfer fuel 100 miles offshore while tuna fishing. Easy to use, 4 gallons a minute flow makes short work of the extra 90 gallons I carry for long runs... Highly recommend to anyone.

Sails Force

Port Canaveral, FL


Flo Fast 15 Gallon Fluid Extraction Pump

4.0 3