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Spare Parts Kit for Bell Helmet with Kam-Lock Pivot

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Brand: Bell Racing

This kit includes two shield pivot screws, two shield detent washers, and one hold-down pin for all Bell helmets (up to SA2005) with Kam-Lock shields. Black only.

Note: Bell phased out the Kam-Lok pivot system during the SA2005 generation. Helmets newer than SA2005, and some SA2005 helmets, use a different pivot mechanism.

Bell SA2005 helmets with the SRV friction-lock (non-ratcheting) shields use the Spare Parts Kit for Bell SRV Shields (Part No. 2239-004).
Bell SA10/SAH10 helmets with 276SRV and 281SRV shields use the Bell SRV-1 Pivot Kit (Part No. 2239-007). This includes the Vortex.GT, BR.1, K.1 Sport, M.4, and Sport.
Bell SA10/SAH10 helmets with the 287SRV shield use the Bell SRV-2 Pivot Kit (Part No. 2239-008. This includes the Star GP, Star Infusion, GP.2, and GTX.2.

Kam-Lok shields have a slot with 3 notches in front of the pivot screw. SRV shields have a smooth curved slot in front of the pivot screw. We have a side-by-side photo to help you identify which shield pivot mechanism is used on your Bell helmet.

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