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Cool Shirt 135 cfm Fresh Air Blower System

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Brand: CoolShirt Systems

This Fresh Air Blower System is the most economical way to get fresh, filtered air into the driver's helmet. The system includes 3 feet of 3" diameter inlet hose (to the blower), 4 feet of 1 1/2" diameter outlet hose (from the blower to the helmet), a 12 volt 135 CFM blower, and a HEPA-4 air filter to ensure the driver's air is clean and virtually particle free down to 4 microns. Requires a ported helmet (sold separately).

The blower measures 5 3/4" long and draws 2.9 amps. Hose and fitting colors may vary from photo.

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Where's the air???!!!!


I purchased this cooling unit to cool my helmet on track days when weather is hot. Well, after fabricating the fan switch and configuring the inlet and outlet hoses, I connected the output hose to my helmet expecting to feel a nice cooling amount of air into my helmet, but...instead I felt absolutely NO air flow into my helmet. I thought I must have done something wrong. But that wasn't the case. I can only conclude that the fan included in this kit is thoroughly inadequate. Anyway, I'm posting this review to save others from the disappointing results that I have experienced. So, my recommendation is that you look for a different helmet cooling system.


Ogden, UT

135 CFM rating is meaningless


Shipped w/o 3" suction hose connector. You shipped the discharge connector in place of the suction connector. The design of filter installation facilities and filter support is very poor. The fan would have to have a static pressure rating of about 47 inches of water to generate a flow of 135 CFM through the discharge hose and into the helmet, with a 1 inch diameter connection. The 135 CFM flow rating is excessively high for the intended use.

name: Henry

Downsville, LA


Cool Shirt 135 cfm Fresh Air Blower System

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