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Flo Fast Pump Holder from Pit Pal

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Brand: Pit Pal Products

This aluminum holster from Pit Pal secures your Flo Fast Fluid Extraction Pump to the wall of your trailer or garage to keep the pump handy, yet out of the way. A grommet around the opening protects the threads on your cap. Measures 6" W x 18" H x 5.25" D. Pump sold separately.

Tip: The bottom of this holder is open to let the draw tube poke all the way through. Position a funnel under this holder to direct any draining residual fluid into a jug for easy collection.

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My Flo-Fast pump always ends up on the floor because there's never enough shelf space for it. I thought I only needed one for the garage until I saw my wife toss the pump on the floor of the trailer... Great workmanship, as with all the Pit Pal products I've seen. It is very well designed, and the pump fits perfectly. My only suggestion would be an option to hold a second draw tube or extraction wand (maybe an add-on kit?).

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Flo Fast Pump Holder from Pit Pal

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