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Pit Pal Aluminum Threshold Bridges, pair

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Brand: Pit Pal Products

If you have ever damaged the underside of your racecar while loading it into the trailer, or tipped over your rollaway tool chest by catching a caster in the gap between the door and the trailer floor, you need these! Pit Pal Threshold Bridges fill that dangerous gap, making loading easier and safer.

Each bridge is made from heavy 0.125" thick aluminum and measures 20" L x 8" W. A slight crown raises the center about 3/4". A reinforcing channel TIG-welded to the back extends down into the door gap to hold the bridge in place without any hardware. (Works best with a door gap measuring approximately 2 1/2" wide and at least 1/2" deep.) Installation and removal requires no tools. Simply lay them in place. You are also not locked into one single installation. Position them close together for your tool chest, then slide them farther apart to load the car. Supplied in pairs with a set of hanging storage brackets.

Even the hanging brackets in this kit deserve a closer look. Each bracket has two bobbins spaced about 15" apart that fit into matching keyhole-shaped holes in the reinforcing ribs for secure transport. (The bridges do not hang from the large round hole at the end. That hole is only meant to provide a convenient grab handle.) The bridges are held tight to the wall and are very unlikely to come off the brackets on even the bumpiest tow. Extends about 1 1/2" from the wall when stored.

Made with pride in the USA.

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