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Bosch High Output 72psi Fuel Pump - 200 LPH

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The popular and reliable Bosch "044" (FP 200) high output fuel pump delivers 200 liters per hour of fuel at 72psi (suitable for most multi-port fuel injection systems). This pump is standard equipment on many European cars and has become very popular in racing.

The roller-vane pump can be used as a submersible pump (in a fuel cell) or as an inline pump (mounted outside the tank). It is recommended for gasoline, but it can be used with diesel or E85*. Weighs 2 pounds 6 ounces. 12 volt DC, 13-15 amps typical draw. Measures 2 3/8" diameter x 5 3/4" long (without adapters). Female threaded inlet (18 x 1.5mm) and outlet (12 x 1.5mm) ports. Includes a male threaded (12 x 1.5mm) banjo-style outlet check valve fitting. Add our banjo adapter kit to use the check valve, or remove the fitting to fit a conventional adapter. We sell only the Genuine Bosch pump, not an off-brand copy.

* Diesel and E85 shorten the recommended service life to 500 hours.

Recommended parts available separately:

Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Specifications (Metric)
Liters per Hour
0 (free flow) 300 LPH
2 bar 260 LPH
3 bar 240 LPH
4 bar 220 LPH
5 bar 200 LPH
Bosch 044 Fuel Pump Specifications (SAE)
Pounds per Square Inch
Gallons per Hour
0 (free flow) 79 GPH
29 psi 66 GPH
43 psi 63 GPH
58 psi 58 GPH
72 psi 53 GPH

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FS FP044

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supreme fuel flow


The Porsche 930 Turbos with CIS Fuel Injection uses two roller-cell Fuel Pumps. The Front pump GFP-216 ( 0 580 254 984) and the rear pump GFP-214 (0 580 254 979) both pumps run off of ONE 16 AMP German ATG Fuse, and two Bosch Relays originally. China is now one of the suppliers of these relays. They do NOT hold amperage loads and get very warm Replacing the forward fuel Pump with a -044, FP-200 (0 580 254 044) these supply fuel very well HOWEVER they are dangerous as they can not handle the needed higher amperage needed. We have experienced two fires in 930 Porsches with an UpGraded -044 fuel pump and retaining the stock electricalIsystem in as perfect fuse/relay system. I have replaced the ancient Porsche ATG fuses with all new ATO blade fuse systems from Blue Sea and replaced relays with "mini" 5 blade push-in relays from Bosch and now have cool running electrical system and no more fuel supply problems!


Garden Grove, California

Quality Pump


Great pump, has a built in check valve, cheaper pump do not so by the time you buy one most of the cost savings are gone. It's physically a lot larger that I thought but I still had room to mount it without trouble. Not to noisy.




Easy upgrade...


installed and worked without issue. It is marginally larger than the pump it relaced, but the excess capacity is needed to match the other modiifcations of my race car.

Mike 944 Turbo

Sudbury, MA


Perfect solution for updating fuelcell


Worked great without installing feed pump in cell


Ral NC


Bosch High Output 72psi Fuel Pump - 200 LPH

5.0 4