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Shock Doctor Gravity 2 Strapless Mouthguard

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Brand: Shock Doctor Motorsports

Even when the head is cushioned inside a helmet, the lower jaw can still crash into the upper jaw hard enough to cause damage to the teeth or lower jaw. Shock Doctor, the leader in safety mouthguard technology, has developed the patented Gravity 2 to protect against fractures, dislocations, TMJ disorder, oral lacerations (biting the cheek and tongue), and tooth injuries.

The Gravity 2 mouthguard is designed specifically for helmeted sports such as auto racing, kart racing, and motocross. Other mouthguards cover the upper teeth, making speech difficult or impossible. The comfortable Gravity 2 covers only the lower teeth, allowing the tongue to contact the roof of the mouth and the front teeth for clearer speech. Your crew may not even know you're wearing it! Compression Fit System allows easy molding for a precise, custom fit in most adult mouths.

The Gravity 2 does not have a tether strap, so we recommend the Shock Doctor Anti-Microbial Mouthguard Case (Part No. SD-075, sold separately) for storage.

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Great thing to use if you've got a helmet that's a little bit tight in the cheeks. You should have test fitted your helmet before buying, unlike myself! This mouthgard is a big help in prevention of biting your cheek flesh- not a pleasant feeling! Follow the instructions and be sure to put it in your mouth right away after removing it from boiling water. Needs to be as warm as possible in order to conform to the shape of your teeth & gums


Frankfort, IL, United States


Great if you grind or clench your teeth


I use one of these since I have a bad habit of gritting and grinding my teeth during events. This goes on the bottom teeth so you can still talk pretty well. Mouth dries iut quicker with it in but not worrying about chipping a tooth (already have one) is a push in my book.


Houston, TX


Shock Doctor Gravity 2 Strapless Mouthguard

4.5 2