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HANS VA Plus Sliding Tether Kit (17"), LW2 Attachment

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Brand: HANS Performance Products

If you are like most racers, you take your helmet and HANS device off together, without ever releasing the tethers from the helmet. If so, you can save a few ounces and some bulk by using the LW2 anchor system instead of the spring-loaded post anchors. The low-profile LW2 system screws the tethers permanently to the helmet, eliminating the anchor posts entirely. Eliminating the post anchors also means less chance to snag on something in the cockpit, while the Vision Advantage Plus Sliding tethers allow for virtually unlimited head rotation.

This kit fits all Medium and Large HANS Devices (except the Sport II and Adjustable series). One kit is enough for one device. Includes tethers with LW2 ends, guide bridges with hardware, large area helmet nutwashers, mounting screws, full instructions, plus the special wrench and threadlocker needed for installation.

Tip: You can separate your helmet from your HANS Device by removing the tether from the collar. Simply remove one screw from each of the orange guide bridges and slip the tether out from under the bridges.

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