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Longacre Computerscales DXI Semi-Pro, 6000 lb

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The DXi Semi-Pro digital scales from Longacre offer a step up from entry-level scales, but without the professional price.

The control box features a customizable 4-line backlit LCD display. You can program each line to show left side, right side, front, rear, cross, or bite -- all while still displaying total weight. Internal memory stores 8 setups for recall later. The low-deflection aluminum pads measure 15" x 15" x 2.5" and use AN-spec billet electrical connectors on the cables.

System capacity 6000 lbs (1500 lbs per pad). Operates on 6 AA batteries. Batteries typically last a full season, depending on use. A protective case is included for the control box and cables.

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