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Canton EPC Electric Valve Kit for Accusump

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The Accusump Electric Pressure Control Valve Kit makes the operation of the Accusump even easier. When the car is running and the oil pressure is normal, the Accusump is pressurized and in "standby" mode. When the oil pressure drops to a specific pressure (20, 35, or 55 psi), the valve allows the accumulated pressurized oil in the Accusump to be delivered to the engine. The valve will remain open until the oil system pressure returns to a specific pressure (25, 40, or 60 psi), when the valve returns to "standby" mode, allowing the Accusump to refill and repressurize. Fits 1, 2, or 3 quart models.

The 20 psi Valve Kit is recommended for street applications.
The 35 psi Valve Kit -- the most common -- is recommended for 99% of racing applications.
The 55 psi Valve Kit is intended for extreme applications. This version is very rarely used.

In general, the lower the pressure, the greater the usable volume of oil.

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Electric Valve Kit for Accusump 20-25psi

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Electric Valve Kit for Accusump 35-40psi

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Electric Valve Kit for Accusump 55-60psi

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