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(H) SPA AFFF Fire Suppression System

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Brand: SPA Design Racing Products

AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is an environmentally-friendly replacement for ozone-depleteing Halon. AFFF is preferred in Europe and is the only extinguishing agent allowed by the FIA. Non-corrosive, non-conductive AFFF smothers and cools the fire, then rinses away with water.

These complete AFFF (foam) fire suppression systems each include a filled, pressurized bottle; bottle mounting bracket; 13 feet of Dekabon tubing; tubing connectors; and atomizing discharge nozzles (2 nozzles for 2.25L, 3 nozzles for 3.375L). Mechanical systems also include one 6 foot and one 12 foot actuating cable. Electrical systems (shown) include power pack, switch, and electrical connectors. All bottles have the actuating head on the end of the bottle as shown.

SPA Design AFFF Fire Suppression Systems
ActuationSize (Liters)MaterialDiameter (Inches)Length (Inches)

Note: (H) = Hazardous. All pressurized fire suppression systems are considered Hazardous by UPS and other shippers. A hazardous shipping charge of $33.00 (ground shipping) or $46.50 (air shipping) will apply. Due to shipping restrictions, we are not able to ship this product outside the USA.

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(H) SPA AFFF Electric Fire System - 2.25 L

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(H) SPA AFFF Mechanical Fire System - 2.25 L

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(H) SPA AFFF Electric Fire System - 3.375 L

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(H) SPA AFFF Mechanical Fire System - 3.375 L

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