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360 Plus Device - WKAssociation approved Karting Collar

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The 360 Plus Device is a revolutionary kart racing neck collar that incorporates vital aspects of a head and neck restraint into a padded karting neck collar.

Frontal Protection

The 360 Plus uses firm foam padding under the driver's chin. Other devices use rigid plastic which makes them less comfortable and potentially dangerous to the throat area in the event of a frontal impact. The foam is also much denser than the foam in a simple neck collar, which makes it more resistant to frontal hyper-flexion.

Rear Protection

The vertical braces of the core piece, located behind the kart driver's helmet, help control rear hyper-flexion in the event of a collision with haybales or other "soft" track barriers. The upper vertical brace limits rearward helmet movement by transferring the energy to the lower vertical brace, positioned against the driver's back.

Side and Vertical Protection

Low side bolsters limit extreme lateral motion of the head, yet still allow the driver unrestricted head rotation to look from side to side. The bolsters also reduce compression loads on the spine in rollover situations by transferring the load from the neck to the shoulders and torso.

Unique Protection for Kart Racing

The 360 Plus Device is designed to break away in extreme situations, minimizing the potential for injury to the throat in the unlikely event that it becomes hooked on something. The device is retained by adjustable straps around the shoulders. It does not require a driver restraint harness or helmet tethers.

The 360 Plus Device is available in two sizes: Youth, which accomodates 10" to 13" neck sizes, and Adult, which fits neck sizes of 13" and up. All foam pieces are fully adjustable laterally and front-to-back to suit each driver's specific physique. Weighs only 1.5 pounds (0.68 kg).

Approved for use by the World Karting Association.

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