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Model 20 HANS Device, Sport II Series, Sliding Tethers, Post

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The Sport II HANS Device features the same molded structural carbon fiber construction as the extremely popular Sport series, but with a lower, rounded backboard for easier exit through narrow window openings. The smaller backboard makes it slightly lighter than the Sport, but still a little heavier than the Pro (though it is still lighter than most helmets).

Certified to SFI 38.1 and FIA 8858-2010 standards; approved by all sanctioning bodies (including NASCAR). Designed and made by the most experienced and trusted name in head and neck restraints. Each device includes the Vision Advantage Plus sliding tethers, black contour padding, two helmet anchor posts, and full installation instructions.

To determine the correct size, measure your neck and follow the chart below.

Neck Size* 14" to 17"16" to 20"
HANS Size MediumLarge

* Drivers with highly developed neck and trapezuis muscles may require one size larger than their neck size alone would indicate.

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HANS Model 20, Sport II, Sliding Tethers, Post, Medium

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