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Beta 612 Reversible Ratchet Head for Torque Bars, 3/8" Drive

Click for a larger picture of Beta 612 Reversible Ratchet Head for Torque Bars, 3/8" Drive

Brand: Beta Tools

Why buy multiple torque wrenches with different drive sizes just to get the torque ranges you need? This torque bar head from Beta Tools accepts a variety of different interchangeable torque bars (sold separately) for maximum versatility.

This ratcheting head fits all Beta Tools torque bars* with a 16mm diameter drive (608 or 668 series, sold separately). The 3/8" square drive is reversible for right-hand (clockwise) or left-hand (counter-clockwise) tightening. The unique reversing mechanism uses a low-profile slider that snaps positively from side to side. No more mistakenly reversing the ratchet by bumping a little lever!

Overall length 66mm (2.6"). Torque range 0 to 80 lb-ft / 0 to 100 Nm / 0 to 10 kg-m.*

Torque bars recommended for use with this head:
Beta 608/2 Click-Type Torque Bar, 40-180 lb-in, Part No. BT-006080102
Beta 668N/5 Click-TypeTorque Bar, 6-44 lb-ft, Part No. BT-006680005
Beta 668N/10 Click-TypeTorque Bar, 15-80 lb-ft, Part No. BT-006680010
Beta 668RG/10 Ungraduated Torque Bar, 15-80 lb-ft, Part No. BT-006680206

* Torque range not to exceed 80 lb-ft / 100 Nm / 10 kg-m. Beta torque bars 668/20 and 668RG/20 can exceed this limit and should be used with caution.

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