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Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies

35 years of great service since 1980

Recent Top Selling Products
(LI) Ballistic 12-Volt LiFePO4 AutoRace Battery
(LI) Ballistic 12-Volt LiFePO4 AutoRace Battery

Save $165 - Ballistic Performance AutoRace super-light 12-volt batteries are specifically for auto racing. They have a 20 amp-hour capacity and can deliver a burst of 1000 cranking amps.

Model 20 HANS Device, Pro Ultra, Sliding Tethers, Post
Model 20 HANS Device, Pro Ultra, Sliding Tethers, Post

The carbon fiber Model 20 Pro Ultra Series HANS Device has a low backboard for the lightest weight. Includes VA Plus sliding tethers and Pro helmet anchors.

AiM Linear Travel Potentiometer
AiM Linear Travel Potentiometer

AiM Linear Travel Potentiometers can measure any linear motion including shock and suspension travel, ride height, throttle position. Even wing or spoiler deflection at speed.

Featured Items
Free Shipping on HANS Devices
FREE Shipping on HANS Device Head and Neck Restraints

All of the HANS Devices we stock carry both SFI 38.1 certification and FIA 8858 homologation (some other sellers charge extra for the FIA label).

Order today for FREE FedEx or UPS Ground Service to the 48 contiguous states!

HANS Devices

HANS Device Accessories

Save $165 to $330 on Ballistic LiFePO4 AutoRace Batteries
Ballistic LiFePO4 AutoRace Batteries - save up to $330

These 12-volt batteries have been developed specifically for auto racing. The lithium ferrophosphate technology has many advantages. They can deliver a burst of 1000 cranking amps at 70°F. They hold their charge when not in use. They are very light in weight. They are completely dry, can never leak and are inherently safer than the type of lithium batteries used in consumer electronics. These batteries have approximately the same footprint as a standard Group 42 battery, so they are easy to mount in most vehicles.

Standard: $284, 6.9 lb (save $165, reg $449)

With 1,000 amp Internal Battery Management System: $519, 8.4 lb (save $330, reg $849)

Both include Free Shipping to 48 states.

Top Quality, Huge Selection and Lowest Prices on Silicone Hose
We stock 800 sizes and styles of Silicone Hose

Nearly 1,000 different part numbers are now in stock from 1/2 inch to 6 inch inside diameter. Available in black, blue or red. Save on our durable, heat-resistant, high-quality Silicone Hose. Great for coolant or turbo intake plumbing.

We make it easy to find the hoses that you need:

Browse by Shape

Browse by Inside Diameter

New - Expanded Selection of AN Bolts including many with a Drilled Head and Drilled Shank
We now stock many more sizes of AN Bolts including many with Drilled Heads and/or Drilled Shanks

Our airframe bolts are manufactured from heat treated and cadmium plated Type 4037 alloy steel. They conform to military specifications and every lot must pass stringent testing at every step of the manufacturing process. AN bolts have excellent toughness and impact resistance. When subjected to a destructive force, they will bend before breaking - often avoiding a catastrophic failure. A Grade 8 SAE bolt may have a higher ultimate strength. However, the Grade 8 bolt often fails without warning by having the head pop off.

We now stock nearly 800 different sizes of AN bolts. However, if you're looking for a size we don't carry, let us know. We'll try to get it for you.

New - Manual Tube Beading Tool
Manual Tube Beading Tool with Free Shipping to 48 states

Don't risk a DNF due to a hose slipping off a non-beaded tube. This vise-mounted tool forms perfect beads on copper or aluminum tubing from 5/8 through 2 inch ID. Simply insert the end of the tubing between the dies and start cranking the handle. Give the upper knob a quarter-turn with each full rotation of the tubing. In just a few cranks, you're done!

$199.99 with Free Shipping to 48 states

Apex Covered Universal Joints (Helicopter Joints)
Apex Covered Universal Joints

These strong yet compact, military specification joints are often used in shift linkages. They are permanently lubricated and protected with a silicone rubber boot. Manufactured to Military Specification MS-20271. All 8 sizes currently in stock ranging from 0.25 to 1.25 inch bore.
From $109.99
Quantity discounts available.

Special Purchase: Beta Tools 953/AS SAE Sliding T-Handle Swivel Hex Key Wrench Set
Save over $140
Save over $140 on Beta Tools SAE Sliding T-Handle Swivel Hex Key Wrench Set

Beta Tools 953/AS SAE Sliding T-Handle Swivel Hex Key Wrench Set includes 7 swivelling male hex drivers with sliding T-handles from 3/32 to 7/32 inch.

Originally $220.54

Now only $79.50

Beta Tool Storage Cabinets
Beta Tools, Preferred by Professional Race Mechanics for over 40 years
AiM SmartyCam HD Video Camera, 60 degree Field of View
AiM SmartyCam HD Video Camera with Data Overlay with Free Shipping to 48 states

Can be used as a stand-alone camera or connected to an AiM data logger or ECU. Built-in 3-axis accelerometer can be overlaid on screen along with ECU data. The built-in preview screen makes aiming easy. Compact, lightweight and waterproof. Includes internal microphone, 4GB SD card, battery, cables and software CD.

$999 with Free Shipping to 48 states

Jabroc Skid Plate Material
Pegasus is the North American source for Jabroc

Pegasus now stocks Jabroc Skid Plate Material in 7 thicknesses ranging from 4mm (0.16 inch) to 25mm (0.98 inch). Standard sheet sizes are 50cm x 50cm (approx. 19.5 inches square) and 50cm x 100cm (approx. 19.5 x 39 inches). Jabroc's predictable friction and wear properties make it an ideal skid plate material. Jabroc also has many industrial uses. It's half as strong as steel but only one fifth the weight! Machines easily, is non-sparking and non-conductive.

Jabroc Skid Plate Material

Free Shipping on the AiM Solo On-Board Lap Timers
AiM Solo On-Board Lap Timer

The revolutionary Solo is completely self contained. Uses GPS technology to start and stop lap times at the start/finish line. Lap times, speed, acceleration, and position are all stored in non-volatile memory for later download and analysis. Using the included Race Studio 2 software, you can see track mapping, acceleration and braking!

Complete Solo Kit only $399 with Free Shipping to 48 states

SoloDL models include engine data logging:
SoloDL with OBD-II Interface $699
SoloDL with CAN / RS232 Interface $699

Congratulations to Lance Renshaw of St. Charles Illinois
Congratulations to Lance Renshaw - a past winner

Lance is a recent winner in our $5,000 sweepstakes. Every time you place an order you will be entered. No purchase necessary.

Official Sweepstakes Rules

Other past winners include:

David Porter of Darien CT
Alan Walker of Canton CT
Rob Langley of Titusville FL
Kirk Biszick of Huntsville AL
Chris Musumeci of Concord NH
Carl Jensen of Sacramento CA
Jim Terry of Houston TX
Tim Parker of Stillwater MN

Special Message for International Customers

Export orders make up a significant portion of our sales. Because of our high volume of international shipments, we have been able to negotiate very competitive rates for expedited shipping to foreign destinations.

Information on International Shipping


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Pegasus is located at 2475 S. 179th Street, New Berlin WI 53146 USA - Click here to check out our expanded warehouse.
Pegasus is located at 2475 S. 179th Street, New Berlin WI 53146 USA

We have a small showroom and customer service counter adjacent to our large warehouse - Click here to check out our expanded warehouse.
In addition to our large warehouse, we also have a small showroom and customer service counter. If you're in the area, feel free to stop by!

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