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Rubber Donut Drive Axle Coupling

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Many vintage formula cars and sports racers use these rubber drive donuts in the drive axles. Donut couplings allow significant angular deflection (up to 5 degrees constant or 10 degrees momentary) without requiring any lubrication. Rubber construction also absorbs shock loading and vibration. The rubber should be inspected for cracks after each season or after any off-track excursion.

Bolt Circle
Overall Diameter
at bolt holes
Heavy-Duty F3, FB, FF, CSR,
Lotus Elan
Rubber with
metal interleaf plates
210 lb-ft 3.78" 5.38" 7/16" 1.83"
Standard FJ, FF, DSR,
Hillman Imp
Rubber 140 lb-ft 3.78" 5.38" 7/16" 1.83"

Save your suspension! We now offer Axle Savers, a bolt-on Centering Kit for Heavy-Duty Drive Donuts. This easy bolt-on kit can save your rear suspension in case of a drive donut failure.

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Rubber Donut Drive Coupling, CSR / FB / FF Heavy Duty

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