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Real-Time Inventory Status

If it says "In Stock" it's in OUR warehouse

We understand the frustration of poor product availability

We often get calls from frustrated shoppers saying something like "I ordered this product from a website that said it was in stock and now, a week later, it still hasn't shipped." We know how frustrating that can be. Poor product availability was the primary reason we started Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies back in 1980.

"Hope" is not a good strategy

Apparently, some of our competitors figure that if they don't have it on the shelf, they'll be able to arrange to have it "drop-shipped" from the manufacturer directly to the buyer. When they say "In Stock" what they really mean is that they HOPE it's in stock somewhere. In some cases drop shipping makes sense such as for a custom-made fuel cell that can be used for only 5 years from the date of manufacture. Nobody wants one that's been sitting on the shelf for months. However, drop shipping often leads to disappointment. The manufacturer may not have it on the shelf either. Even if they do have it, many large manufacturers are used to shipping pallets of product by truck. They aren't geared up for express shipment of small packages. It may take many days for them to handle a small drop-shipped order. When we intend to drop ship an item, the stock status will be listed as "Drop Ship" and this warning will be highlighted in yellow instead of the usual green.

When we say "In Stock" we mean it

If a standard product shows "In Stock", it's sitting on a shelf in our warehouse located in New Berlin Wisconsin. If it's a custom-made product such as a throttle cable, "In Stock" means that we have all the components required to manufacture the product in our warehouse. Depending on our backlog, it may take a day or two to manufacture the custom throttle cable, but in an emergency, we may be able to ship it the same day.

We're not perfect

Despite our best efforts, there are occasional inventory discrepancies. For example, if we get down to the end of a large spool of hose, the computer may say there should be 20 feet left but maybe it's only 15 feet. Or maybe we ended up with two 10 foot sections and you need a single 20 foot section. If there's an issue such as this, we'll contact you as soon as possible to explain the situation and try to find a solution.

Sometimes our real-time stock status works too well!

We've gotten calls saying "I could swear your website said that this size 4XL helmet was in stock but after I submitted my order I checked back and now it says it's out-of-stock". Don't worry! We don't sell too many size 4XL helmets so we may only have had one on the shelf. As soon as you submitted your order, the helmet was allocated to you and instantly (in "real-time"!), the website showed that the helmet was no longer available in our warehouse.

What if you need more than the quantity that's on the shelf?

Our website shows "In Stock" if we have one or more of an item on the shelf. If you need a larger quantity than what we have, the review cart page will show "Partial" as the stock status followed by the quantity that's actually available. This warning is highlighted in yellow instead of the usual green "In Stock" status. You have the option of reducing the order quantity to what's available or accepting a partial backorder.

Your IN STOCK source for quality racing supplies!

That's our motto and we'll never stop working to live up to it.