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Prospeed RS683 Xtreme Performance Brake Fluid

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Prospeed RS683 is a revolutionary racing brake fluid. Not only does it boast an extremely high 583° F dry boiling point and a very high wet boiling point of 394° F, but an innovative new manufacturing process actually makes this fluid more incompressible than other fluids! Meets DOT 4 specifications and is compatible with all DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.1 (non-silicone) fluids. 16 oz bottles.

Dissolved air

Brake fluids are not a single element, but a mixture of several different ingredients. Conventional mixing traps tiny, dissolved bubbles of air inside the fluid. Fresh brake fluid typically contains as much as 5% dissolved air. Air is more compressible under pressure than fluid, so this leads to a soft pedal feel, even with fresh, brand-new fluid.

CompressionFree™ Technology

Prospeed's patented manufacturing process minimizes the amount of air that gets into the fluid during manufacture. Instead of 5% air, RS683 contains less than 1% dissolved air! This results in a very incompressible fluid for the firmest pedal feel and most predictable braking you will ever experience.

Save time and money

After a season of use in a sedan and a formula car, Jim has found that they no longer need to bleed brakes after every session (like they did with their previous racing brake fluid). After a 100-mile race at Blackhawk, the brakes still didn't need to be bled! Jim estimates that they ended up saving a full liter of fluid over the season. Instead of spending time at the track bleeding brakes, now they only open the bleeder screws when they change brake pads.

Increased seal life!

Recent testing by Andretti Autosport has found Prospeed RS683 to extend the life of caliper seals by 30% over the (former) leading IndyCar brake fluid!

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