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Tilton 5.5" 4-Plate Clutch, Heavy Duty

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Brand: Tilton Engineering

The Tilton OT-III is a very high-quality open style 5 1/2" diameter racing clutch. The aluminum cover is much lighter and stiffer than the stamped steel cover used on many competitors' clutches. A 5 1/2" clutch significantly reduces rotational inertia over a 7 1/4" clutch, improving acceleration and reducing crankshaft stress during gearchanges. The drawback is that disc wear is more rapid than with a 7 1/4" clutch, so you should be prepared to replace discs more frequently. Requires specially modified flywheel. Discs sold separately.

This OT-III clutch uses the high-strength Gray diaphragm spring. The Gray spring gives this 4-disc clutch a rated torque capacity of 1000 lb-ft, but it also requires 850 pounds of force to release. Cable actuation systems and external slave cylinder release mechanisms will not work with this clutch. A hydraulic release bearing (38mm bearing contact diameter) is required.

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