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Self Bonding Silicone Tape, 1 inch x 36 ft roll

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Our silicone rubber tape bonds to itself without messy adhesive. No adhesive means no melty, sticky residue!

This adhesive-free tape won't stick to other materials, and it comes off cleanly when you remove it. To install, simply wrap it tightly around what you need to cover, then wrap an additional 2-3 turns while keeping the tape under tension. When properly applied, the bond between layers resists moisture and won't dissolve with heat. It is great for a variety of uses:

  • Use it to insulate odd-shaped electrical connections (such as the back of your master battery switch)
  • Wrap it over your oil tank heater blanket to hold it tightly to the tank
  • Temporarily clamp odd-shaped parts together during bonding operations
  • Wrap it around your steering wheel rim as a protective base for custom-molded grips
  • Wrap it around silicone coolant hoses for an instant, temporary leak fix

Note: Although this self-fusing tape bonds to itself on contact, it does not reach ultimate bonded strength until 24 hours have elapsed. Very cold temperatures may require even longer to achieve maximum bond strength.

Color may vary from photograph.

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Silicone Bonding tape really works!


I used this tape to secure a tank heater pad to the dry sump in my new race car and it really dos a nice job. Need to be a little careful that it doesn't stick to itself before it's in the place you really want it, but I can't imagine a better way to do this particular job. Really glad I saw this suggested application in the product description.


New Jersey


Self Bonding Silicone Tape, 1 inch x 36 ft roll

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