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1263/S12 BetaGrip Flat and Phillips Screwdrivers, Set of 12

Click for a larger picture of 1263/S12 BetaGrip Flat and Phillips Screwdrivers, Set of 12

Brand: Beta Tools

The 1260 and 1262 Series Beta GRIP screwdrivers from Beta Tools feature Beta orange molded handles with strategically-placed black rubberized grip material for comfortable torque. Each driver has a "cross" or "line" logo molded on the end of the handle for quick identification of the drive type.

This 12-driver assortment includes eight 1260-Series flat blade drivers and four 1262-Series Phillips drivers.

1260 Series Flat-Blade (slot head) sizes:
0.4 x 2.5mm blade, 50mm shank, 150mm overall length (0.016" x 0.098" blade, 2" shank, 5.90" overall)
0.5 x 3mm blade, 75mm shank, 175mm overall length (0.020" x 0.118" blade, 2.95" shank, 6.89" overall)
0.6 x 3.5mm blade, 100mm shank, 200mm overall length (0.024" x 0.138" blade, 3.94" shank, 7.87" overall)
0.8 x 4mm blade, 125mm shank, 233mm overall length (0.031" x 0.157" blade, 4.92" shank, 9.17" overall)
1 x 5.5mm blade, 150mm shank, 258mm overall length (0.039" x 0.217" blade, 5.90" shank, 10.16" overall)
1.2 x 6.5mm blade, 150mm shank, 269mm overall length (0.047" x 0.256" blade, 5.90" shank, 10.59" overall)
1.2 x 8mm blade, 200mm shank, 327mm overall length (0.047" x 0.315" blade, 7.87" shank, 12.87" overall)
1.6 x 10mm blade, 200mm shank, 327mm overall length (0.063" x 0.394" blade, 7.87" shank, 12.87" overall)

1262 Series Philips (cross head) sizes:
PH0 cross, 60mm shank, 160mm overall length (2 3/8" shank, 6 5/16" overall)
PH1 cross, 80mm shank, 188mm overall length (3 1/16" shank, 7 3/8" overall)
PH2 cross, 100mm shank, 219mm overall length (3 15/16" shank, 8 5/8" overall)
PH3 cross, 150mm shank, 277mm overall length (5 15/16" shank, 10 15/16" overall)

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