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Beta Tools 31BM/D6 Set of 6 Pin Punches with Handles

Click for a larger picture of Beta Tools 31BM/D6 Set of 6 Pin Punches with Handles

Brand: Beta Tools

Pin punches are designed to drive a pin from a round hole. The shank is straight, with a consistent diameter to avoid enlarging the hole.

The 31BM Series steel pin punches from Beta Tools feature comfortable "Bi-Material" handles. The contoured handle gives you a secure, shock-absorbing grip while also offering some protection against errant hammer swings. Steel punch with black-on-orange handle.

This set of 6 punches includes the following sizes:
2mm OD x 168mm Long, 42mm Shank (5/64" OD x 6.6" L, 1 5/8" Shank)
3mm OD x 180mm Long, 52mm Shank (1/8" OD x 7 1/16" L, 2 1/16" Shank)
4mm OD x 191mm Long, 62mm Shank (5/32" OD x 7 1/2" L, 2 7/16" Shank)
5mm OD x 200mm Long, 72mm Shank (13/64" OD x 7 7/8" L, 2 13/16" Shank)
6mm OD x 221mm Long, 82mm Shank (15/64" OD x 8 13/16" L, 3 1/4" Shank)
8mm OD x 235mm Long, 94mm Shank (5/16" OD x 9 1/4" L x 3 11/16" Shank)
Each punch has its own handle.

This set replaces the Beta Tools 31BM/S6 (000310421). The only difference is the outer box.

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