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175 amp Auxiliary Battery Connector Set with Handle

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This set includes one handle and two 175 amp connector halves (each half approximately 3.1" x 2.1" x 1") which accept up to size 1/0 cable. Connector halves have no "male" or "female" -- flip one over and it will mate to the other, with no danger of reversed polarity.

To assemble, crimp or solder the furnished contacts to the battery cable and then snap the contacts into the connector housing. (Special Reducing Bushings (Part No. 4156) are available separately to fit our 4 gauge cable into the over-sized contacts.) Attach one connector to your chassis and bolt the handle to the free hanging connector for easy disconnection. These connectors are grey.

Warning! Never allow Brake Cleaner, Carburetor Cleaner or other strong solvents to come in contact with these connectors. The plastic housings will be severely damaged by these chemicals!

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