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T-Tap Splice with Male Push-On, 18-14 Gauge

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Form a quick-disconnect, fully insulated mid-span splice on 14 to 18 gauge wire as easily as 1-2-3:

  1. Press T-Tap onto main wire with standard pliers.
  2. Crimp the male push-on terminal to the branch wire.
  3. Plug into the T-Tap!

Includes fully insulated male push-on terminal for the branch wire.

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Much better than a traditional quick splice


I don't like using these types of connectors but sometimes it is difficult to add a connection any other way. This T-Tap connector solves a number of issues. The connected wire is removable and the male push-on part locks it shut so vibration can't open the connector. The last advantage is that the conventional quick splices can fool you into thinking you have made the connection when the guest wire is not inserted far enough. All around a very elegant solution.

Richard L

Corona, CA


T-Tap Splice with Male Push-On, 18-14 Gauge

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