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Cartek Wireless Steering Wheel Controls with Paddles

Click for a larger picture of Cartek Wireless Steering Wheel Controls with Paddles
Click for a larger picture of Cartek Wireless Steering Wheel Controls with Paddles

Brand: Cartek Automotive Electronics Ltd

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Add pushbutton controls and paddle shifters to your racing steering wheel, without cords or connectors, while keeping your current quick-release steering wheel hub! This revolutionary system starts with an eight-button switch panel that incorporates an infra-red transmitter, mounted to the back side of your wheel. A small receiver mounts below your steering column and connects to a compact relay module. The relay module connects and disconnects power to your accessories.

Six pushbutton switches and two carbon fiber paddles are mounted on the wireless panel which fits between your 6-bolt steering wheel and your hub. Each pushbutton can be programmed independently with any of six operation modes:
Momentary-contact: Circuit is on only when switch is held down. Perfect for electronic gear shifting, horn, radio, or fire system.
Latching (push-on / push-off): Circuit turns on when button is pressed, and off when button is pressed a second time. Ideal for wipers, lights, or cooling fans.
Flashing: Choose fast flashing, slow flashing, or latching slow flashing. Turn your brake lights into emergency hazard flashers.
Latching with Memory (non-volatile push-on / push off). As Latching, but the switch position is held in memory when the car is turned off, and recalled when the car is turned on again.

Each circuit is rated to 10 amps (suitable for operating relays if heavier loads will be run). The receiver unit can be located up to 9 feet away from the relay module as long as they have a clear line of sight to each other. The transmitter runs on a common A23 12 volt electronics battery. Relay module runs on 12v vehicle power. Switch panel fits any OMP, MOMO, or Sparco wheel with the standard 6x70mm pattern, or Nardi/Personal wheels with the 6x74mm pattern. Labels are included for common switch functions. Designed specifically for racing use and made in the UK.

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