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(HAO) Hylomar Solvent Free Gasket Maker, 8oz Brush-Top Can

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Brand: Hylomar

Genuine Hylomar is perfect for sealing gearbox covers or any other parts that need to be disassembled easily and without a lot of scraping to clean up the residue.

Hylomar seals gaps up to .010 inch and since it never hardens, it makes disassembly a snap (cleans up quickly with acetone, even after use). It is also an excellent gasket dressing and it will not cause corrosion of any metal surface. Hylomar AF (Advanced Formulation) is supplied in 8 ounce brush-in-cap cans as a liquid. We also offer Hylomar Universal Blue Medium Consistency Paste Sealant in 100 gram (3 oz) tubes (Part No. 3300).

We also stock Wellseal (Part No. 3304), a similar sealant preferred by some engine builders.

Note: (HAO) = Hazardous, Air only. This item is considered Hazardous by UPS when shipped by air (3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air, or Next Day Air). A hazardous shipping charge of $46.50 will apply if shipped by air. The estimated shipping cost shown on the Shopping Cart page already includes this charge if applicable. This item cannot be sent via US Mail. Due to shipping restrictions, we are not able to ship this product outside the USA.

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